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Customer Service Policy 

We pride ourselves on our exceptional Customer Services. 
We are delighted to hear from customers and should you require any help, advice or technical information on any Snowbee products, please telephone, fax or e-mail us, see our contact us section for further details. Alternatively, you might like to check out the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. 
The Snowbee Team includes fly fishermen and experts on all product lines. They will be able to answer any query you may have. 
Whilst it is always a pleasure to hear from satisfied customers, we also welcome any comments, suggestions or criticism. It is only through customer feedback that we can continue to improve our product range. 

Returns Policy 

All Snowbee products are covered by our 12 month warranty. During this period if any manufacturing or material fault develops, the item will be replaced, or repaired (at our discretion) without question. 
Please note however, that particularly in the case of Waders and footwear, this warranty does not cover accidental damage, punctures, fair wear and tear or seam damage caused by incorrect choice of size. The Snowbee Warranty does not include the commercial use of any item. 
In the unlikely event that a problem develops on a Snowbee product, you should first contact the retailer who supplied the goods. 
Should it be necessary to return the goods to us direct for inspection, a receipt or proof of purchase must be enclosed. We regret that we are unable to deal with any returns without such proof of purchase. 
Please note that under EU Health and Safety regulations, our staff are not permitted to handle dirty or wet items of clothing or footwear. To avoid disappointment, delays and additional costs, please ensure that any items returned are in a clean, dry condition. 

Product Care and Original Purchase Lifetime Guarantee Terms & Conditions 

Fly Rod Breakages & Rod Care 
Whilst all Snowbee Fly and Spinning Rods are covered by our Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee, carbon fibre is brittle and rod breakages can inevitably occur resulting in additional cost and inconvenience for the owner. 
Contrary to popular belief however, carbon fibre rods rarely break as a result of the natural flexing forces incurred during fly casting or playing fish. Rods may break during casting or when playing fish when the rod becomes over stressed but in most cases rods will break when over loaded or flexed beyond the capable limits of the rod or when and where a weakness has occurred, after the graphite structure has been damaged by impact or crushing which could be some time prior to casting or playing a fish. 
To help reduce rod breakage, we offer the following Hints and Tips. 
Rods are designed to cast lines that weigh only a few grams. Even when playing a fish 'hard,' with the rod in the normal full-flex position, the amount of energy transferred to the fly still equates to just a few ounces….. 

Avoid Rod Flex 'Overload' 

- Lift fish out of the water with the rod - Always support the weight of the fish using a net or wet hands. 
- Use a fly line that is more than one line weight heavier than the rods AFTM rating. 
- Jerk the rod to pull flies from rocks & trees - Place the rod in a safe area and pull only on the fly line. Take care to look away when 
pulling at flies. 
- Support the weight of the rod by the tip section.  
- Pull line from the reel, through the rod tip, with the reel drag set to the 'full-on' position. When threading lines, place the butt of the rod on the ground and support the rod in the mid- section if necessary. 
- Walk with the rod tip pointing forwards - Always hold the rod with the tip pointing backwards. 
- Use the rod tip to remove flies from trees. Use a 'hook and cord' that you can 'loft' on a long pole. 
- Lean rods against an open car door or boot - someone is bound to close the door on it. 
- Place rods on the ground - someone will stand on them. 
- Exercise care when netting a fish and do not to over-compress the tip of the rod as above – a common cause of rod breakages. 
- When in transit always store a rod in the tube provided, if it has one.  
- Try to avoid rod impact damage: goldheads or any weighted flies can be travelling in excess of 80mph. Hitting the rod 
blank will easily cause stress fractures 
- Applying a little candle wax if necessary to new joints can prevent them coming apart during casting. Because Spey-casting, involves a frequent circular casting motion that can cause rod joints to work loose, on Double handed Spey rods you may choose to tape the joints to reduce the risk of them twisting and separating.  

Avoid Fly Impact Damage 

During fly casting, flies move through the air at speeds in excess of 80mph. Imagine the forces exerted at the moment of impact of a 3mm diameter Gold-head hitting the 2mm diameter tip of a modern Carbon Fly Rod - there's really no contest. If the rod tip doesn't shatter on impact it will certainly suffer internal fractures which generally result in the tip snapping the next time it comes under load. In most cases this situation can be avoided by preventing the fly from travelling too close to the rod tip. 
Here are a few tips for casting heavily weighted flies:  
Only cast lines, with the correct flies, the distances the rod is designed for. When fishing in rivers, to avoid catching branches, use a Side or Spey cast instead of an Overhead cast. Avoid casting very tight loops - Increasing the length of the casting stroke, will open the loop. Tilt the rod 'out', over the casting arm and make a slightly circular cast with the rod tip - Be aware that by tilting the rod tip you will also lower the back-cast. Double Hauling will increase line speed and fly speed - Stay in control. When not in use, store the rod in a rod tube. 
Double Handed 'Spey' Rods Spey-Casting involves a circular casting motion that may cause rod joints to gradually come apart. We recommend that you consider taping all joints prior to use. 
Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee 
For Peace of mind, Snowbee Fly and Spinning Rods come with an Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee. 
This guarantee is limited to the Original Purchaser and is not transferable to future owners. In order to implement this guarantee, 
details of the purchase and the purchaser must be registered with Snowbee (UK) Limited or appointed agent in the country of purchase within 30 days of purchase. Failure to register your purchase will invalidate the guarantee. If during the lifetime of the original purchaser, the rod should break or fail, for whatever reason, simply return the rod, together with a handling and replacement/UK postage fee of £30* (Prestige G-XS £40*), plus your original invoice, sales receipt, or proof of purchase and we will replace the rod or damaged/faulty part by return. If within the first 12 months from the date of purchase and if, in the opinion of Snowbee (UK) Ltd, or their appointed agent, the failure is due to a manufacturing fault or material defect, then our normal manufacturer’s guarantee will apply and the rod or part will be replaced free of charge, with the relevant handling/postage fee returned. 
Should the rod in question be discontinued it will normally be replaced with a new model up to a similar value, or there is the option to ‘trade up’ to a rod of a higher value, by paying the handling/postage fee, plus the difference in value between the two models. Please note however, that in the case of discontinued models, if purchased in a clearance sale, the maximum value covered by this guarantee is the price paid and not the original RRP.  
In all cases, if the customer is unable to provide an acceptable proof of purchase, showing the price paid for the rod, then the 
maximum warranty value applicable, will be our last sale price for that particular model.  
*£30 or £40 handling fee applies to UK only. For overseas customers please contact the appointed Snowbee agent or contact Snowbee UK Ltd direct for an overseas postage quote in addtion to the UK handling/replacement fee.  
This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights Snowbee (UK) Ltd, reserves the right to amend the handling/postage fee in line with inflation. 
Our constant product development programme relies on customer feedback, so if you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions – good or bad, please send them into us via the Contact Us section. It is only through listening to our customers that we can improve. 
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