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Snowbee Sea Fishing 

Here at Snowbee we take our fishing very seriously. Having been sea fishing for over 50 years, there’s a lifetime of experience behind everything we do. 
We are the only tackle company in the UK which has invested in its own test boat, the 32ft Snowbee Deep Blue³, out of Plymouth. Every sea fishing product we design and develop is tested to destruction around the craggy Devon coast or on Channel wrecks before it makes it into our catalogue. 
The tackle industry is full of companies striving to make ever cheaper tackle and to quote John Ruskin…. 
"There is hardly anything in the world that some person cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and people who consider price only are this person’s lawful prey." 
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900) 


Since their introduction Deep Blue boat rods have established a cult following amongst discerning boat anglers looking for the best money can buy. Proven over a period of more than 10 years to meet the demands of UK boat anglers looking for perfection. 


The Deep Blue³ model takes the best features of its predecessors and improves on them! Bigger, shielded bearings for smoother running and increased drag surface area, for a more powerful, smoother drag. The frame and Spool is CNC machined from solid bar-stock, aerospace grade AL6061-T6 aluminium.... 


Our range includes 3 models; an ultra-lightweight jigging rod, rated for lines of 8-15lbs and jigs of 30-100g, a medium weight rod, rated for lines of 15-25lbs and jigs of 70-120g and a heavyweight model, rated for lines of 20-35lbs and jigs of 130-200g.... 


For the past few years we have watched in amazement at the number of lookalike weedless lures that have come to to the market. They are all variations on the same theme – separate lead heads, which attach to soft plastic bodies, rigged with weedless hooks. The thinking behind this, is that if the body is lost or damaged, it can be easily (or more often not so easily!) replaced. 


The second generation of our popular Raptor Spinning Reels take the Raptor range onto another level! 
The success of the original Raptor reels, even took us by surprise as more and more lure anglers came to appreciate Raptors for what they offer - exceptionally smooth performance for both fresh or saltwater use and amazing value for money. 


These fast action spinning rods have a model to cover all applications. Manufactured using the latest 24 and 30 ton carbon, the use of multi-directional carbon mat allows very lightweight blanks which are still highly resilient, with huge reserves of power for when it’s needed. Fast, sensitive tips, with a smooth, progressive power curve, right through to the butt.  

Folding Aluminium Sea Angling Landing Net 

A new folding aluminium sea-angling net for the small, inshore boat fisherman or shore angler. The folding mechanism is totally fool-proof, with nothing to go wrong! The large teardrop frame, has a 27” deep 1½” polyethylene mesh, while the handle has a foam grip......Simple ‘flick & twist’ action opens and deploys the net 


An innovative new Lure Vest, aimed squarely at the serious lure fisherman. 
Made from an ultra-lightweight rip-stop polyester and nylon mesh, this new vest is so light you won’t know you’re wearing it! 
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